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S wurf - 2016. 10. 24.

Expected colores: Seal Point SBI n, Chocolate Point SBI b, Blue Point SBI a, Lillac Point SBI c, and all the colors in Tabby: SBI n 21, SBI a 21, SBI b 21, SBI c 21,

Name Geschlecht Farbe Qualität Erreichbarkeit
Sábacat Sarah Female Blue Lynx Point, SBI a 21, Tabby Zuchtqualität, Ausstellungsqualität ?
Sábacat Snowflake Kater Blue Point SBI a Zuchtqualität, Liebhabertier, Ausstellungsqualität? Kaufbar
Sábacat Snowball Kater Chocolate Point SBI b Zuchtqualität, Ausstellungsqualität, (Liebhabertier) Kaufbar
Sábacat Stardust Kater Lilac Point, SBI c Zuchtqualität, Liebhabertier, Ausstellungsqualität? Kaufbar
Sábacat Sunny Kater Seal Lynx Point SBI n 21 Tabby Liebhabertier Belegt

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Sabacat Sarah:


Sábacat Snowflake:

dscf9333 dscf9336 dscf9386

Sábacat Snowball:

dscf9428 dscf9479 dscf9473 dscf9446

Sábacat Stardust:

dscf9502 dscf9587 dscf9532

Sábacat Sunny:

dscf9667 dscf9689

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Saba Patrick Blue Point SBI a, male is going to Sweden.


Saba Olivia, SBI b, Chocolate Point female, and Sabacat Rocco  Blue Point SBI a, as a breeding couple is going to St Petersburg.

dscf2333 dscf2460

Saba Patricia and Peter satyed in Hungary

dscf1482 dscf0668

Saba Leslie and Kamilla Chocolate Point, SBI b, show and breed go to Belgium


Sabacat Mark, Blue Point, SBI a, Show and breed, goes to Germany.DSCF0149

Saba Karl and Kitty Seal Point, SBI n, pet stayed in Hungary


Sábacat Jenny, James, Jack, they are all pet kittens and stayed in Hungary.DSCF0673Sábacat Irene Blue Point, show-breed went to Germany, and her friend Saba Hilda Seal Point, show-breed, went to Mexico.DSCF0227

DSCF3812 DSCF3972


G litter: Sábacat Gloria, SBI n show-breed lives in Denmark, Gabriella SBI n 21 pet, Gerald SBI b 21 pet, they stayed in Hungary.



Sábacat Felice, Blue Point, show- breed went to Switzerland and her brother Sábacat Fluffy, Chocolate Point, lives in London


Sábacat Egon: Seal Lynx Point SBI n 21, pet, Hungary


Sábacat Erasmus Seal Point, pet, Austria


Sábacat Elmo Chocolate Point, pet, Hungary


Sábacat Edison Seal Point, pet, Hungary


Sábacat Diana: Seal Piont SBI n, show-breed,  CACP, Nominalt, Best of Breed, Croatia


Sábacat Cecil, Chocolate Point, pet, Hungary

cicak2 copy

Brian és Boldizsár, Lilac Lynx Point SBI c 21 and Chocolate Point SBI b pets, Hungary

Photo 07-02-15 16 46 50

Sábacat Brian: CAP, Nominated, Speciąl Price

IMG_5238 2Kittens